Anthony Rother’s New XDJ Mix Album

Anthony Rother’s New XDJ Mix Album

Anthony Rother has released his brand new XDJ mix album, which is free for fans to download here.

Anthony Rother Studiophysik: Live for the moment
With his last album, Verbalizer, he had tasted blood. Now comes the rush. The rush of techno. The rush of the night. With a new label and a new concept, Anthony Rother brings the 4/4 sound back to its birthplace: The Club. Because here is where it happens: The magic of the moment that incorporates all the senses. The sound pressure. The Fog. The Strobe light. The ecstatic sweaty crowd.

Studiophysik: The label concept
To date, there have been mainly two forms of DJ presentations in a club: The classic set as an artistic mix of unknown material. Or the live act with machinery. What has not truly taken place yet: an artist performing gigs almost exclusively with their own studio productions.

It is precisely this third path that Rother explores with his new label Studiophysik. Studiophysik is a reservoir of self-produced tracks that are made specifically for the upcoming club night. Carried by the energy of the current evening, the tracks are then supplemented and varied in the studio before the next event. For club owners and guests this means: they are part of an exclusive and irrevocable night with new Rother techno sounds.

Anthony Rother: “For me, this approach is the perfect symbiosis of DJ set and live act. I can implement my idea of contemporary techno uncompromisingly, without having to resort to a lot of unknown material. At the same time I am not limited to the playing time and sound set, as is naturally the case with a live act. Even now I am able to play several hours of flawless Rother sound to the clubbers.

“Another advantage: I can enter into a dialogue with the audience, even if that results in a time delay. Because when I get home from a gig back home I’m so full of energy and full of new ideas, I immediately put myself in the studio, to implement them. This energy flow, as constant give and take is, for me, an essential stimulus from the concept.”

As a musician, Studiophysik is the ultimate challenge for Rother. Because he must repeatedly produce fresh material in record time and adjust the existing material. Which means: the studio is his permanent home.

Download the album by clicking here…

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