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Ambient composer Phillip Wilkerson makes Mellotron debut

Ambient composer Phillip Wilkerson makes Mellotron debut

Specialising in contemplative soundscapes & spacious atmospheric drones, Wilkerson has drawn inspiration from the ambient greats & made a promising name for himself as a pioneer of alternative electronic & meditative music. Although being a slight departure from his trademark drones, his latest single still manages to encapsulate his admiration & sheer talent for the ambient scene.

‘The Texture of Certainty’ is a peaceful and self-reflective piano solo with the capabilities of soothing any restless soul & stressful mind. This delicate, calming, atmospheric wonder provokes instant clarity & composure, all whilst transporting you to somewhere better and brighter, no easy feat unless you’re as experienced a song writer as Phillip Wilkerson.

With a consistent & patient poetic piano carried on a bed of comforting, therapeutic ambience, ‘The Texture of Certainty’ is a must have addition to any lifestyle or playlist in need of some respite. For over a decade Wilkerson has helped inspire a new generation of ambient musicians, in similar fashion to those who have inspired him, and whether it’s an old school homage or an innovative evolution of his sound, Philip Wilkerson continues to be a musical force to be reckoned with, that much is certain.

Phillip Wilkerson ‘The Texture of Certainty’ is out now from all digital stores; including Spotify, iTunes and Amazon Music.

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