Alt R&B artist Juliet July wows with blissful debut EP Palm trees in the mist.

Hailing from the historic, art embellished streets of Amsterdam, Dutch singer songwriter Juliet July debuts her highly anticipated and introspectively gorgeous EP ‘Palm trees in the mist’. Juliet’s innate ability to create such an exquisite fusion of contemporary R&B, soul and jazz is showcased beautifully within each and every element of the 6- track project. The single ‘Gone’, explores her velvet liquescent vocals which claim such an understated power, whilst effortlessly emitting a sultry and meditative energy. It is paired with an inviting and miniature, vibey visual.

‘Palm trees in the mist’ takes listeners on a reflective journey through a multitude of emotive layers, leading from love, longing and lust onwards to heartbreak and anger, finally resolving in an air of positivity and gratitude in which the saying Silver Linings remains the overarching, prominent and ever-present theme.

“Palm trees represent happiness, joy, warmth, The Mist represents more heavy, sad and dark emotions. Palm trees in the mist combined, creates a symbolism for me to keep seeing the Silver Livings in whatever situation life throws at us.” – Juliet July.

Sunday Afternoon, is like stepping back in time, with lyrics that depict an Ancient love story, Juliet delves deep into a longing for a love that’s aglow and free of restrictions, amidst the distractions and business that inevitably come along with life and the pursuit of one’s dreams. Committed to authenticity and bringing her ideas to life, she travelled to South Africa to shoot the music video. It featured praise from the likes of Earmilk, Stereofox, and Fashionably Early to name a few.

Blue Paradise is about breaking the taboos surrounding and associated with mental health, by detailing the narrative of a person who feels helpless around another’s battle with depression. Not being able to offer solace or solutions and bearing witness to their struggle. However, the song’s intention is ultimately positive; with the underlying message being that despite life’s difficulties, the sun is always shining above the clouds.  Lyrically, ‘Blue Paradise’ presents itself as one of the more personal performances from Juliet July by virtue of her raw yet sincere storytelling.

Wanting to end her project on a positive note, ‘Easy’ explores the possibilities that are open to us once we place negative thoughts aside. The video was also shot in South Africa, Capetown.

The remaining 2 unreleased tracks are the sensual, slow jam ‘One Way Street’ that acts as an interlude to the single ‘Gone’. Summarising the EP, Juliet provides a poetic, spoken word verse which perfectly encapsulates the concept.

You can listen to the full Palm trees in the mist EP here.

‘Palm trees in the mist’

“Layered moments of mixed emotions.

Multicolored to grey.

Doors open while locking others.

Finding love while losing it.

The duality.

It has always fascinated me

Just as, the possibility, to choose,

How to make sense of it, this time.

I’d like to say; I kiss the silver linings

Feel the sunshine in the rainbow

And see, the palmtrees in the mist..”

-Juliet July.


As a little girl, she woke up by the first rays of the sun touching her face while her mom would
sing as she made breakfast on a Sunday morning. If it wasn’t her mom singing ‘Easy Like Sunday Morning’, it would be her dad singing songs such as Kiss From a Rose. It is safe to say that passion is in her DNA. “Call me superstitious, I don’t think it is a coincidence that my brother was born on a Sunday morning as well.” She found that the best way to generate this warm, worldly energy is through music. A fusion of R&B, soul and jazz with a dash of funk.
Lyrics are important to her, but it’s all about the synergy, communicating the emotions through both the words and the melody.

Growing up as a child star in musicals, followed by an international modelling career, living and working in South-Africa, The US and Europe, naturally led up to her upcoming EP. Palmtrees In the Mist will be released this year. Listen to Sunday Afternoon on Spotify to get a glimpse of the dreamy journey inside her mind as a lot of her lyrical inspiration is retrieved from travelling, whether that is travelling the world or time travelling to her trips to her joyous youth. Music being the garden of her memories and hopefully the bud of your happiness.

“Music being the garden of my memories and hopefully the bud of your happiness.” – Juliet July

alt-R&B pop soul Juliet July
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