ALBUM REVIEW: Bicep – ‘Glue’

Late last year, analogue aficionados, Bicep, released their eagerly awaited debut album on Ninjan Tunes.

The Belfast duo cited classic house and techno amongst their influences for the LP prior to its release and those who’s interests were piqued by this will not be left disappointed.

Their verve for the vintage really shines through this record, not only from the authenticity of the early 90’s sounds they channel from their synths but also from the composition of the tracks, which faithfully replicate electronic music from the decade.

The album is heavy on melodic synth lines and rousing pads and overall is quite reminiscent of the early progressive house championed by the likes of Sasha and Digweed in their heyday.

Many tracks also have a sun-drenched, Balearic vibe to them putting the album up alongside a cool San Miguel and well worn bean-bag as a perfect sunset accompaniment.

Stand-out tracks include ‘Opal’, a subtly euphoric breakbeat track that threatens to open up into a hands in the air anthem. ‘Aura’, the most dance-floor focused track with a driving low end, and frolicking melody. ‘Vale’ is an ambient trip-hop track featuring one of the few vocals on the record.

Pleasure will almost certainly be found in the nostalgia that ‘Glue’ evokes for those who spent the 90’s reaching for lasers, whilst those who were still reaching for the Fisher-Price mobile in their pram should find the album a worthwhile glimpse into the era that paved the way for today’ dance music.

By Jonny James Gaynon

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