14-Year Old Rising Star, Jordan Acosta Lee Presents “CLICHÉ LOVE”

14-Year Old Rising Star, Jordan Acosta Lee Presents “CLICHÉ LOVE”

Based in California, singer-songwriter and producer Jordan Acosta Lee is just 14 years old, and made her first waves in the music industry in February 2020. Despite a global pandemic she  has already established herself as a fully refined recording artist over such a short space of time.

This single, “Cliché Love” is filled with smooth R&B melodies and pounding pop rhythms. Acosta Lee draws inspiration from the likes of Jhené Aiko and H.E.R to develop a rich musical landscape. For someone so young, Acosta Lee manages to explore universal emotions and encounters through her personal lyricism – connecting with her audience through shared experiences.

Speaking about the single, Acosta Lee shares, “‘Cliché Love” dives into the experience of a person in an unfaithful relationship that is struggling with wanting to be with someone while knowing the relationship should end. When you love a person so much, you can’t let go no matter what. Sometimes a faithful partner wishes a relationship would be normal but it’s not. When the relationship is not working, a person can feel trapped and confused about what to do.”

Acosta Lee has already developed a loyal following across social media, and her music has amassed tens of thousands of monthly listens on streaming platforms, quickly receiving over 117,000 views on YouTube.

Of course, Jordan Acosta Lee is currently balancing her burgeoning music career alongside her studies, but shows great promise with this track.

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